Monday, October 28, 2013

Kickstarter Launch!

Teen High Zombie Squad is now LIVE on KICKSTARTER!
We've just gone live on Kickstarter! LIVE LIVE LIVE I tells ya!

This epic tail of Zombies, brains and college comradery has been brewing in Darren Randall's mind and It's now time to bring it to life and we need your help to make it breath...
. James Brouwer, an award winning comic book artist, along with myself will be creating the art for the graphic novel!

So check us out on Kickstarter, we'd greatly appreciate your support! :D
Teen High Zombie Squad is a 120 page graphic novel about a group of misfits thrust together in the midst of a high school invasion.

After a seemingly routine lunch break detention, four teenage misfits find their school has been deserted and nothing is as it seems.
They’re soon confronted by hordes of their mutated classmates and monstrous faculty members hungry for blood.
It’s up to four unlikely heroes from completely different worlds to save their high school and home town from a full scale invasion.

Here are a few pages from the graphic novel. How did our heroes end up here and what’s going to happen next? That’s why we need your help!

Come check out the rewards!


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