Monday, October 28, 2013

Kickstarter Launch!

Teen High Zombie Squad is now LIVE on KICKSTARTER!
We've just gone live on Kickstarter! LIVE LIVE LIVE I tells ya!

This epic tail of Zombies, brains and college comradery has been brewing in Darren Randall's mind and It's now time to bring it to life and we need your help to make it breath...
. James Brouwer, an award winning comic book artist, along with myself will be creating the art for the graphic novel!

So check us out on Kickstarter, we'd greatly appreciate your support! :D
Teen High Zombie Squad is a 120 page graphic novel about a group of misfits thrust together in the midst of a high school invasion.

After a seemingly routine lunch break detention, four teenage misfits find their school has been deserted and nothing is as it seems.
They’re soon confronted by hordes of their mutated classmates and monstrous faculty members hungry for blood.
It’s up to four unlikely heroes from completely different worlds to save their high school and home town from a full scale invasion.

Here are a few pages from the graphic novel. How did our heroes end up here and what’s going to happen next? That’s why we need your help!

Come check out the rewards!



The Daily Spitpaint thread on Facebook has pretty much exploded into existence with over 5,000 members. It's insanely addictive and fun. For me it's bringing back the joy of just painting without direction or over thinking.
Artwork is based on a themes that are set daily. The only rules are, 30 minutes per sketch and no use of photos except for reference.
Check it out here on Facebook
A few I've done so far...

Heavy Armour - 30 mins

Time Machine - 30 mins

Spy Pug - 35 mins

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Things have been moving forward in all directions so an update is a bit overdue...

Firstly, Teen High Zombie Squad has a new Facebook page in preparation for the Kickstarter campaign launching very soon. So check it out for fresh updates and tasty bits. Make sure you like it or lick it, or whatever your into.

Teen High Zombie Squad is an upcoming 120 page graphic novel by Darren Randall, James Brouwer and Jeremy Love.


And a belated congrats to the 5 Lives team on their fully funded Kickstarter campaign for Satellite Reign. The guys have set up shop and are well underway. I've been helping out here and there with some quick concept sketches but for now...

Here's some older work from the Kickstarter campaign which I forgot to add here...