Saturday, November 24, 2012

007 Legends - Concept Art - 01

Some concept art from a few levels of the recently released 007 Legends video game...

Most of these characters were done pretty quickly by mashing up photos and painting over them in Photoshop. There was no time to spend on painting their likeness as I would have liked.. but they do the job

Some environmentals from a few of the levels, Otomi, Shanghai Tower, Isambul rooftops ,Refinery labs, Helipad, Pix Gloria...



  1. ah the memories! Working with you on this was so ace mate!

    I guess you have heard that Eurocom died on friday. Bad old business. Feel awful for the guys there.

    I better go dig up my legends concepts too :)

  2. Hey Jake! yeah I was talking to Stu and Mike about it the other day, seems to be the way of the biz now :/ Not the best news to get just before Christmas either.

    I saw Skyfall the other day and it inspired me to start posting some concepts. Great film.

  3. Awesome work Jez, saw skyfall last night. Good to have your name on a game thats 007 related. Inspiring stuff as usual ;)