Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dawn Treader Concept Art 6 - Magician's Mansion

It's been a little while since I posted but I've still got a fair bit to offload here yet. Hopefully by the time I'm finished posting these film concepts, I'll have some actual new work to show... wont that be super! :P
Magician's Mansion -
The following 3 concepts are of the Magician's study looking into different rooms. These concepts were mainly created for prop placement. The model maker (Geoff Kemmis) had built a rough minature of the set which I took photos of to use as reference. I then painted in the detail.
I worked on some initial thumbnail sketches for the 'Book of Incantations' but the Director (Michael Apted) decided he wanted something very simple instead and it was put on hold. The Graphic Designer (Michael Wholley) later created the cover art and content.
The lecturn started off very detailed in the initial sketches.
At one point the Production Designer (Barry Robison) suggested we have Putti's either side of the book holding lights.
The final design is much simpler and has all of the elements carved into a single panel.
The Putti is seen blowing onto where the book sits suggesting to Lucy that she do the same...
A giant telescope was initially going to be the center piece for the Magician's mansion.
We finally settled on the Galileo type telescope below but sadly it was never made.
Rough sketch...
Final renders in leather and brass...
More to come...

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