Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dawn Treader Concept Art 3 - State Room Cont...

The bed (Caspian's) that Lucy sleeps in was a rollercoaster to design but ironically ended up being quite simple. Below are just a few of the designs I did for the bed under the direction of Barry Robison.
The final design is not mine and was given to me afterwards so I could paint the curtains and bedspread etc. It's a pity they had to go with a cheaper option in the end as I think a few of these would have looked great.

The fantastic art on the State Room walls were all painted by Min Yum

The quilt below was based on a Victor Horta design, as was most of the Dawn Treader.

The bed can be seen here...

Just a few of the corner bed designs... The curved side is due to the placement against the ships hull

And the much simpler final design... (only the finishings were painted my me)


Bosuns Chair...

And a few random bits. I did these on my first day at the studio.

I dont think any were used as props.

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  1. You're dead set right about the bed; I reckon the warm, ornate timber vibe you had working definitely feels more in line with the rest of the Dawn Treader. Gorgeous work Bro.

    P.S. Where could I get one of those bronze ale mugs? :)