Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pirates of the Caribbean - Teaser Trailer 1

New trailer is looking great, I look forward to seeing this one.

Was a lot of fun to work on!

The Defector

Posters for Scott Mannion's 'The Defector' have been circulating the internet recently in anticipation of the short films upcoming release in 2017. 

Here a are a few images and links to the artwork and articles.


A behind the scenes video Here

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Pack

A few early concepts from The Pack (2015), an Australian horror film based on true events.

Early concept art...

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Gods of Egypt

My wife and I went to see 'Gods of Egypt' in the Cinema yesterday and enjoyed it for the fun "popcorn munching" adventure it was. Speaking of popcorn... do you know why we eat popcorn at the movies? Me either, I had to look it up and it's kind of an interesting story. Read about it here!!  

Aaaanyway, I noticed a few of my prop designs in the film so thought I'd post some of the concepts here. They are mostly rough thumbnail sketches apart from Nephthys flying litter, which gets some nice screen time. I think I missed out on a name credit for this film, never mind. Hope you like my scribblings.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The last 6 months

The last 6 months have been like a hurricane. Unpredictable, beautiful and devastating.

On the 21st September 2015, we were blessed with a baby boy! Nathaniel Francis Love (Nate). He's our first child, almost 6 months old now and totally awesome. We couldn't imagine life without him, such a cool little guy :)  My wife Tash had an extremely rough pregnancy but is almost fully recovered and couldn't be happier.

Shortly after Nate's birth, on the 5th October 2015, my father (Bryan Wayne Love) was tragically crushed by a gum tree he was felling on his property in Mooloolah. It came as a huge shock as Dad was always careful and very experienced. He was 60 years old.

I'm thankful that Dad had the opportunity to see his grandson. He fed and bathed Nate and I've never seen him so content. Dad had also met a nice lady a few years earlier and they had just become engaged, so he was definitely happy.

Dad was a super talented guy and excelled at anything he turned his hand to. Although he was an A grade mechanic by trade, he also built a 32 foot yacht and sailed half way around the world, raced motorcycles and yachts, was a champion runner, played the drums in many bands including Jigsaw Blues, Rockin Rhythm Cats and Martini 66, back packed around Europe, owned a furniture business where he made everything by hand, restored Ducattis, played the guitar, surfed and loved the country. A true explorer, thinker and caring father. We will miss you dearly. Especially the long chats on your back deck, overlooking the ocean late into the night.

In Loving Memory of Bryan Wayne Love
2nd of April, 1955 - 5th of October, 2015

I am truly lucky to have such a beautiful family and look forward to teaching Nate everything my Dad taught me :)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Brisbane Supanova 2015

It's that time again...

I'll be attending the Brisbane Supanova this weekend to promote the soon to air, The Deep, animated TV series. Along with the rest of the Deep design crew, including co creators James Brower and Tom Taylor. I'll be selling, signing art prints and will be located at the most ill prepared table in artists alley. 

Supanova guest list 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gods of Egypt - Trailer

Trailer is out for Gods of Egypt, Alex Proyas. I did a bit of concept work for this a while back and enjoyed the script. Will be interesting to see how it comes together.